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Deep Intelligence


We present a wide variety of workshops to help you finely tune all aspects of your Deep Intelligence: from communication and language, embodiment, creativity, meditation, myth and story-telling, plant medicine teachings, flow, intimacy, identity/transformational work, connection to the natural world, and many more.

Bringing together different modalities from various wisdom traditions, you have an opportunity to experiment and refine your ability to connect, communicate, and create from the deeper intelligence present within you 

Upcoming Workshops:

The Being of Leadership: Unlocking the 7 Elements of Transformational Presence

The Being of Leadership: Unlocking the 7 Elements of Transformational Presence

with Henri Emile

In a world obsessed with hustle and metrics, it’s easy to overlook the heart of leadership—the essence of being. Gone are the days when leadership was solely about command and control. Today’s transformative leaders know it’s about more authenticity, presence, and resilience.

Join Henri Emile for “The Being of Leadership,” a two-hour workshop redefining your leadership. You’ll explore the elements of being, such as Allowing, Presence, Authenticity, Patience, Silence, Abundance, and Rhythm, designed to enrich how you show up in the world, professionally and personally.

Ready for a paradigm shift in your leadership journey? Register now and transform the way you lead from the inside out.

In this workshop you will:

  • Transform How You Lead: Discover how the ‘being’ of leadership impacts your team, your organization, and your personal life.
  • Embody Leadership: Engage in practical exercises that ground you in the seven key elements of transformational presence.
What’s In It for You?
  • Introduction to the 7 Elements of Transformational Presence
  • Interactive Exercises for Embodied Learning
  • Guided Reflective Journaling Session
  • Real-world Strategies and Actionable Takeaways

Your teacher

Henri Emile

With a dynamic corporate journey in media, tech, and publishing, Henri’s experience of the highs and lows of leadership sparked a career transformation. Henri, the rebel, rule-breaker, and big mouth, is now a Certified Master Coach specializing in trauma-informed coaching, focusing on regenerative leadership and consciousness. 

After witnessing the destructive cycle of extractive business practices, Henri became a firm believer in a regenerative future as the sustainable path forward. Henri now guides executives, seasoned leaders, and entrepreneurs, assisting them in reconnecting with their bodies, nurturing sustainable growth, and crafting a regenerative life on their terms. 


Date: Sept 27 , 2023

Time: 1-3 PM PST  |   4-7 PM EST

Where: Virtual  (link to be provided)

Registration fee: $47

Replay recording will be available.


Previous Workshops

Chatting with Your Future: Using ChatGPT to Awaken the Best in Us – with Harry Pickens

What if there IS a way to interact with AI that benefits your inner world
without chipping away at connection, truth, and whatever potentially
scary thing happens when we outsource our being in the world to

In this workshop we:

  • Explore the intersection of Deep Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, so that you can make more informed, authentic and empowering decisions in various aspects of your life.
  • We learn how to use ChatGPT as a tool for personal growth that supports your core values, strengths, gifts, and desires, while guiding you towards their actualization.



Metaphor Design and Delivery – with Vladimir Munguia

“That reminds me of a story…”

From the latest blockbuster to our oldest myths, from Gilgamesh to Taylor Swift’s new drop of a love song, stories, tales, odes, etc. guide our day to day lives.
Have you ever searched for how to say or describe something and found yourself relating an anecdote from your history? When looking for how to say it, found yourself showing it instead?

Metaphoric communication is inseparable from human life. You can’t not communicate.
In this introduction to the topic, explore different ways to connect with your clients or those in your life.
Topics covered included: Metaphor design and delivery, seeding topics and ideas, mixed state communication, speaking directly to the unconscious, experiential world building (or storytelling) exercises, tasking, living metaphor, co-creating a transformative story with your clients that leave them the author
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