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Deep Intelligence


Enjoy guided journeys to connect with your Deep Intelligence.

These meditation / visualization / DI trance processes are recordings from various trainings and events I’ve run.
You’ll safely be able to connect with yourself, your truth, and explore different dimensions of your inner Being and outer creative Doing and Expression.
Each recording also is accompanied by a soft soundtrack of binaural beats which will help you relax, dissolve anxiety, and gently drop into your inner world where you can create new realities for yourself.
The more your practice, the more you’ll reinforce the neural pathways that help you drop in, allowing your everyday lived experience to become more centered, resourced, and connected to your Deepest Intelligence.
Headphones are recommended.
Each process is about 20-30 min.
$9 each | $40 for package of 5


Journeys to Your Deep Intelligence


Full Package of 5 Deep Intelligence Processes

Enjoy a full range of experiences. Add variety and have the perfect process at your fingertips when you need it.

Mind-Body Center

Loving the 3 Centers

Develop a beautiful mind-body aligned state as you tune to your 3 main centers/minds: the Belly mind, the Heart mind, and the Brain mind.

The Ultimate Love

Connecting with a Spring of Self-Love

Anytime you feel down, or doubt, or are judging yourself, travel deep into the core of your inner world where you’ll discover a spring of self-love bubbling up to nourish you.

Be Whole

Connecting with Fields of Nature

You are much more than the isolated ego your thinking mind usually believes. Soften the boundaries of your encapsulated identity and expand into connection with the outer fields of nature and the inner fields of your own nature.


Exploring and Finding Balance & Alignment

A beautiful inner exploration, guided by self-compassion, into the center that holds your deepest truth. Wherever you need are questioning any area of your life, this process will show you how to navigate the co-existing multiple truths within and find the most resonant alignment.


Becoming Transparent to the Transcendent

Our spiritual journey was described by Joseph Campbell as a process of becoming Transparent to the Transcendent. Enjoy this beautiful deep dive into gentle re-shimmering of your inner filters and ego-concepts. From there, the light of spirit and soul will shine through you.

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